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    2. 石家莊市旭博化工有限公司


      石家莊市旭博化工Shijiazhuang XUBO Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in East Development Zone of Shijiazhuang City, enjoying convenient transportation and physical distribution condition. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in production and sale of medical intermediate and chemicals with high-tech content and high value-added. Shijiazhuang XUBO Chemical Co., Ltd. has complete equipment of small experiment, pilot plant test and large scale production, and scientific quality control system. In addition, our company cooperates with famous universities. And all our employees have rich experience in research and manufacturing. We have powerful strength in research and production of medical intermediate and chemicals. Relying on superior quality, high reputation and reasonable price, we do our best to feedback customers. We warmly welcome wide customers to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation.

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